17' Collaboration Series [zitlaliyunuhem]

Hello Beautiful people!

In 2017 I committed myself to do collaborations with extraordinary women from the industry. If we work together we have more chances of succeeding. This is the first of many to come!

Enjoy and tag friends I should collaborate with! 

Meet Zitlali Yunuhem

Mexican born artist, ZITLALI YUNUHEM's work invokes the visual language of her people through the use of color, shape and material choice. As a Chicago based artist, she explores her cultural identity through a contemporary, urban, lovingly conscious lens. "Como muxer inmigrante, mi arte sirve como un acto de amor y resistencia para Pachamama y mis Antepasados." 

Check her out: http://zitlali.com/

Insta: @zitlaliyunuhem

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zitlaliyunuhem/

Photography: Adriana Martinez Insta: @lananamendez