My word of the year "Brave" / Mi palabra del año "Valiente"

This year I want to focus on being "Brave"

Brave enough to quit that job that makes me unhappy

Brave enough to get out of my comfort zone

Brave enough to grow  

Brave enough to choose me before others 

Brave enough to invest in my future

Brave enough to not give a fuck about what people think 

Brave enough to never stop dreaming

Brave enough to make this year one to remember! 


Este año me quiero enforcar en ser más "Valiente" 

Valiente para renunciar a un trabajo que no me hace feliz 

Valiente para salir de mi zona de confort 

Valiente para elegirme a mi primero antes que a otras personas

Valiente para invertir en mi futuro

Valiente para no dejar que me afecte lo que piensen los demás 

Valiente para seguir soñando

Valiente para crecer  

Valiente para hacer que este año sea inolvidable

❤️  Nana



 Photo by  Jaqueline Ayala

Improvised Fashion Shoot [with Enrique Martinez aka Hubby]

If you know anything about me, it is that I hate sitting idle. Yesterday, was one of those nights that I couldn't sit still. I went to the thrift store and found a cool yellow outfit, because you know, the brighter the better. 

Then, I got home and convinced Enrique that we should have a photoshoot. I've been recycling old photos for a while now I needed new content. He, being the great husband he is- agreed to take them.   

                                      This is the end result of that spontaneous shoot.                                        

Mi familia me tiene como apodo la cabra loca por que nunca puedo estar tranquila. Ayer fue una de esas noches en las que no tenía nada que hacer. Decidí ir a la tienda de segunda mano a buscas chaquetas para el invierno. Terminé encontrando esta bella chaqueta amarilla. 

Me fui a la casa a convencer a Enrique de que me tomara fotos. Ya estaba cansada de reusar fotos viejas en mi instagram. Enrique, siendo el esposo bello que es, decidió ayudarme. 

Este es el resultado final de nuesta sesión de photos espontánea.


17 Collaboration Series [Finding Inspiration]

"If your friends don't motivate and inspire you, you're choosing them all wrong" - Neil Patel 

This collaboration happened after Marisabel, Ana and I found ourselves looking for creative inspiration. Sometimes having a side hobby helps your mental sanity more than you think. This is why we decided to combine our skills.

I would be the photographer, Marisabel would Art Director and Ana from (Fitting Mood Blog) would Style the shoot. We managed to produce the whole thing in about a week.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Stay Creative beautiful people! 

- Nana


"Si tus amigos no te motivan y te inspiran, los estás eligiendo mal" - Neil Patel Esta

Esta colaboración ocurrió después de que Marisabel, Ana y yo nos encontráramos en busca de inspiración creativa. A veces tener un pasatiempo lateral ayuda a tu salud mental más de lo que piensas. Es por eso que decidimos combinar nuestras habilidades.

Yo sería la fotógrafa, Marisabel La Director de Arte y Ana de (Fitting Mood Blog) Seria la estilista de la sesión. Nos las arreglamos para producir todo en una semana.

Avsanos que te parecio el resultado final en la seccion de comentarios. 

- Nana

17' Collaboration Series [La Vida Lisa]

Hello, Beautiful People!

These are photos from another wonderful collaboration I did a few weeks ago. Meet Lisa a recent grad from St. Louis University. Lisa recently started blogging and focuses on fashion a travel. We met a few months ago at We All Grow Summit. I am having so much fun photographing and collaborating this summer. Reach out if you are looking to get some new photos! 

Let me know what you think!


17' Collaboration Series [I am Unpopular Blog]

Hello, Beautiful People!

Staying Motivated is pretty hard, especially if you have a 9 to 5. This is why Annabel and I decided to collaborate and keep each other motivated. We did this by getting together and creating content for our blogs. She is a good writer and I am a good photographer. Making this the perfect #Girlboss team.  

If you are ever feeling stuck, try reaching out to your creative friends. Stop thinking you can't share your ideas because you think they will steal them. They might have a different insight or constructive advice for you. You can plan photoshoots, events, you name it. Summer is around the corner making this the perfect time to plan fun activities. 

Below are the photos I took of Annabel. Comment, share, critique let me know what you think!

Click here if you want to collaborate with me this summer!

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Thanks for visiting!

❤️  Nana  

17' Collaboration Series [Fitting Mood Blog]

I had the chance to collaborate with Rebecca Minkoff + Fittingmoodblog early February. We had a crazy warm weekend in Chicago and took advantage of it. After assembling a great team: Ana Da Silva (Fitting Mood Blog)+ Jackie Ayala (Photo Assistant) + Nikki Moore (Stylist) + Me (Photographer). We decided on a great location (Lincoln Park Observatory). The goal was to feature Rebecca's New Spring Collection.  

Meet Ana Karina:

She is a copywriter and fashion blogger creator of the Fitting Mood Blog; a way of expressing herself through fashion. She's from Venezuela, lives and Chicago and loves comedy. I met Ana a few months ago and instantly knew I wanted to collaborate with her. You will be seeing more collaborations this summer! 

Find Ana:

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Enjoy and make sure you show some love by sharing or liking the post! 




17' Collaboration Series [zitlaliyunuhem]

Hello Beautiful people!

In 2017 I committed myself to do collaborations with extraordinary women from the industry. If we work together we have more chances of succeeding. This is the first of many to come!

Enjoy and tag friends I should collaborate with! 

Meet Zitlali Yunuhem

Mexican born artist, ZITLALI YUNUHEM's work invokes the visual language of her people through the use of color, shape and material choice. As a Chicago based artist, she explores her cultural identity through a contemporary, urban, lovingly conscious lens. "Como muxer inmigrante, mi arte sirve como un acto de amor y resistencia para Pachamama y mis Antepasados." 

Check her out:

Insta: @zitlaliyunuhem


Photography: Adriana Martinez Insta: @lananamendez

Chicago Walls

A few weekends ago, Enrique and I decided to go out and explore different walls/murals around our neighborhood. After 2 hours of biking in the heat and 3 outfit changes this is the final result. Let me know what you think!  


Natalia Lafourcade/My First time

I had the opportunity to shoot Natalia's concert here in Chicago. This was my first time ever shooting a live concert. Needless to say I had the time of my life. Growing up in Venezuela I would listen to all of her albums, and I was actually a bit obsessed with Natalia. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. 

Color Madness Photoshoot

I produced this project last year with the help of my beautiful friends and talented photographer Enrique Martinez. Thank you for modeling: Jacqueline Ayala, Hanna Tanajura, Julia Taylor and Misty Vernon.